Visual Effects of Kira

Three Months with Kira is a short film inspired by a true event that occurred during the tragic war in Ukraine. It is an independent crowd-funded production which holds a deeply personal touch. I was delighted to assist the director and my dear friend Meiirbek Nariman in telling the story, specifically by taking charge of the visual effects shots needed for the final product.

Visual Effects

In addition to rather trivial effects like replacing the display of a car radio across multiple handheld shots, the more complex task was delivering the pivotal moment of incoming missiles.

Node setup in Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio

Fusion’s robust built-in particle system proved to be instrumental in this process. It enabled me to swiftly navigate through the testing phase and successfully attain the desired effect.

With the main fx layer ready, I used Fusion’s LumaKeyer node with rotoscoping tools to build an alpha channel of the foreground elements and comp in the effects outside the window beneath the semi-transparent curtain in the footage.

Finally, the last touch was dropping a retimed stock footage of massive explosion behind those hills and that was it.

Currently, the final film is in the midst of its festival circuit, and I am fully confident that it will garner a multitude of awards. Being a member of this remarkable team of dedicated artists fills me with immense pride.







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