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Welcome to my filmmaking blog where I plan to share all my making of’s, vfx breakdowns, occasional tutorials, major revelations, freelance work and all sorts of other random filmmaking stuff.

  • Creating a Microbudget Sci-Fi Movie Set: Creativity on a Shoestring Budget
    Creating a Microbudget Sci-Fi Movie Set: Creativity on a Shoestring Budget

    Science fiction movies have always captivated audiences with their imaginative worlds and futuristic settings. However, bringing those worlds to life on the silver screen often requires significant resources and financial backing. But what if you’re an aspiring filmmaker with a limited budget? Can you still create a compelling sci-fi movie set without breaking the bank? […]

  • Visual Effects of Kira
    Visual Effects of Kira

    Three Months with Kira is a short film inspired by a true event that occurred during the tragic war in Ukraine. It is an independent crowd-funded production which holds a deeply personal touch. I was delighted to assist the director and my dear friend Meiirbek Nariman in telling the story, specifically by taking charge of […]

  • Making of Saurora
    Making of Saurora

    Since 2014, I envisioned this story taking place underwater, an extraordinary and captivating backdrop that had been relatively unexplored in the realm of science fiction. However, developing this story and bringing it to life posed significant challenges due to budget limitations and my lack of experience with these specific visual effects. It became apparent that […]